Fashion Design

Fashion Designing is a pure passion, it has a great career span, but if you want a great career, then we are the best Fashion Designing institute in Gurgaon, which can give you a rewarding career. The curriculum helps the student develop an understanding of the fashion environment and trains them to develop a range of fashion products for the targeted market segment at the end of the course. Fashion Design courses have been developed to give you deeper training, which helps you to develop your own collection for various occasions. Fashion Designing course is operated by a systematic technique, research, creativity, imagination, and marketing.
The aim of Fashion Design course is to develop a professional and creative approach of students towards the necessary items for the production and marketing of design, technology, innovative formulation, theme-based illustration, marketing techniques, export management, and ever-changing garments Industry.  We have created a platform for giving knowledge, experience, and insights to the students at the same time. The main objective of our Fashion Designing curriculum is a mix of creativity, technical knowledge, and efficiency of artistic mind received by the practical part of the curriculum.

Jewelry Design

The curriculum is recommended for any person who is in the business of ornaments and wants to sharpen his skills or the person who is interested in joining the jewelry business, an industry that is booming in India. Jewelry designing is a creative art that combines the concept of jewelry design by combining intricate variations to bring out creative jewelry products. It is a complex area of study that lends much more to the rich historical heritage of India and other countries. The students will be taught various processes that start with a creative inspiration and end up in the form of a complex piece of jewelry that is worn with love. This course offers a launch pad to learn new skills and techniques in the highly exciting and creative areas of making ornaments for creative minds.