Dream Zone school of creative studies is the best Interior Design institute in Gurgaon. The main purpose of our interior design curriculum is to develop pool of specialists in the area of: residential, retail design projects, public space and exhibition design.

Our approach is a blend of creative, artistic and technical techniques. Through the research and analysis of the changes made by us in a contemporary way, interior designers plan a place that creates a style story, where the use of color and light helps in an enticing mood.

Students study the elements of design, history, theory, and philosophy and the sociological and psychological aspects of space. They will dwell deeper into the technical, graphics, design process required to solve today’s complex internal problems. Normal design principles apply to shops including specific interiors, hotels, homes, offices, entertainment venues, restaurants, hotels, homes, offices, entertainment venues, shops. Combining its artistic understanding with technical efficiency, students will develop a strong basis in color, position, formatting and drawing.