Web Design is a process of creation which presents content on those web pages that can be accessed through a web browser using an end-user computer, mobile or tablet.

Web design typically involves combining text, images, animation, audio-video, and other interactive forms of media, which is built in the presentable form of web / internet. Web Designing holders can seek opportunities in industries like IT Companies, Advertising Agencies, Audio-Visual Media Agencies, Publishing Houses, Marketing Firms and Institutions and Design Studio, etc.

Web Design course begins with the fundamental principles of web designing and ends with the completion of applications with advanced web programming and live projects and various assessments.  Web Design exposes you to the art and technology of creating web templates, web banner, responsive as well as interactive flash web page and animated e-presentation.

You will gain experience in website design by using techniques from basic markup and style for sites that create dynamic pages and other types of web applications.